Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

I haven't been quilting much since I returned from my teaching trip to Kansas. The last 2 days have been gorgeous in Wisconsin so I have spent some time at our local garden centers.

The young gal at the garden center said these beautiful red Verbena baskets would do well in strong sunlight, so I bought 2 to hang on our deck.

For the last month, I've also had a hummingbird feeder on a hook. I have carefully hung a red ribbon near it, to attract any new-comers to the yard. But yet I have not seen any evidence that anything had been feeding from it. My friend Linda mentioned that a few days ago the hummingbirds finally came to her lilac bushes. Of course I was jealous! As I was hanging up one of my new Verbena baskets last night, something large and dark buzzed past my head. I'm so glad I didn't swat at it, it was a hummingbird.  At last they've found my house too.

Today it was really hot outside, so I couldn't wait another day to fill up the pots for the front and back of my house. They don't look like much yet, but soon they will look beautiful. I used a vine that is a succulent, a red geranium, purple wave petunia, and a little white lacy filler plant for texture.  As summer progresses, I'll try and remember to show you a more mature picture.

I would like to also ask a favor of you, my readers. If you have had a chance to read my new book, Dancing with Thread, would you please write a review for and any other bookseller that you use online?  Thank you very much.


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