Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Embrace the Light"

Tea Party an original quilt by Ann Fahl
"Embrace the light," this is one of the messages that Oprah left her viewers today. My days will be a little different, now that Oprah will not be in my studio every day at 4:00.  I am one of her very fortunate viewers because I know what lights me up and inspires me. I have gone out into the world to teach so many quilters my techniques and I have been so rewarded by hearing your stories and appreciation.  Quilter's are very lucky people, we have the threads of friendship and support that help us to grow as people and quilters! For years I have known that I was meant to be a quilt instructor and artist. It took Oprah to put it into words.

Oreo and I stop each day at 4 each afternoon and I have a cup of tea and watch or listen to the topic of discussion for each show. This is not an exaggeration,  there is a little of Oprah and her wisdom stitched into each piece that I've made over many years. I have learned so much in the process and been exposed to  ideas that have made my life richer in many ways.

Thank you for everything Oprah.



Turbo Quilter said...

I can relate to what you said. I think Oprah is an amazing human being. And I think that's why I am drawn to you and your blog. And of course, Oreo!

QuilterLynn said...

Agree 100%. She has inspired so many, including of course me, and encouraged us to be MORE, do MORE, and expect MORE of ourselves and each other!

And guess what? She's not done!

And neither are we!