Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple and Lime Green Discovery

One of the great things about the quilting community is that when we get together, we learn about new ideas and products.  Several weeks ago, I judged and taught at the NC Quilt Symposium in Raleigh. Karen Kay Buckley's room was right across the hall from mine, and we spent lots of time talking about the quilt world. She showed me her new signature scissors.
The first thing that appealed to me was the color of the handles!  Then I realized that they were large soft plastic that was comfortable in your hand. I had heard of special scissors that "grip" the fabric, rather than push it away from the blades. They have micro serrated blades that grab the fabric and make it easier to cut and trim.  The price is modest. $19.95 for the small 4 inch pair and 25.95 for the 7 1/2 inch pair. What a great gift for the quilter on your list or just for yourself. Here is a link.

I also mentioned that I was a judge for their quilt exhibit. Probably, I have just as many opinions about judging as most other people. That's why I wanted to become a judge. After years, I realized that there is no understanding why some quilts receive prizes at one show and nothing at the next!~ It will always be an enigma because it is such an subjective process.

At lunch, we did have fun together. There was a surprise hanging in the ladies room!
The esteemed judges in NC.  Karen Kay Buckley, Ann Fahl, Kathy Sullivan
Judges can have fun too!

Have a great Fourth of July.



Maggie Szafranski said...

I have both of those scissors! I heard about them from Ami Simms! They are great!

annieQ said...

I have the little trimming scissors on the table next to my sewing chair so they are easy to find.