Friday, March 8, 2013

Hockey Garden part 3

This week I've added lots of color.  I liked the hockey stuff sitting around the bag, but I know I'll be happier once some garden elements are in place.  You will notice that I've only added one glove and 3 pucks to the arrangement since last time.
Here's the next stage of "Hockey Garden" most of the elements are pinned onto the background.
The rose bush idea has been thrown out.  I showed you a photo of the rosebush surrounded with hockey sticks last time.  I'm going for something very simple and colorful.  What could be better and easier than coneflowers? I can draw them in my sleep. When discussing flower selection with my husband, he suggested dandelions. Wow what could be better for a garden full of stinky hockey gear? It did take forever to cut out the tiny slender petals of the weeds, but they added a great touch. Since it is winter here in Wisconsin, there weren't any dandelions in the snow, so I had to search on line for photos to use as my inspiration.

In the past, I have always admired Frieda Anderson's dandelion pieces; so have avoided using them, because Frieda had done such a wonderful job with the weeds.  But heck, I've got tons of them in my yard, I should be able to use a couple of them! I love the way their greens add interest and movement to the front edge of the quilt.
You may not want these in your garden, but I love them here.

Now that I have been looking at the quilt at about this stage for a week or two, something is troubling me. I want the corner of the hockey bag to hang below the edge, for a more 3 dimensional effect. But I'm thinking this is getting rather chaotic.  Do I need a border?  I'll have to think about it.

"Keep your stick on the ice."   Red Green

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Jayardi said...

• • • I like the idea of the bag hanging off the edge. My thought is... you could add your border to the sides and top only. ?

annieQ said...

That's a thought.