Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Troubling Quilt--part 3

I actually started to quilt this piece last week. Yet something was still troubling me about my composition.  I decided that there was nothing "exciting" about this dark little scene.  So I decided to add one more large pink coneflower to add a little visual interest to the setting. Using a paper pattern, I determined the size it should be when curved out of the frame appearing closer to the viewer.
I don't like designing after fact--after the piece has been basted together with the batting and backing, but the addition of the new flower definitely adds something to the piece. 

Now, the shoreline placed in the middle of the quilt has been bothering me too. So I cut random really dark prints to suggest the houses and trees.  Some of the scraps were purple, brown, green and dark gray, I liked this alot.  The gray print I originally chose worked OK, but not well, on its own.  I just had to help it a little.
Above is a detail of some of the quilting over the gray print and add-ons.  Using a flash on my camera really makes it appear much lighter than it is in "real life" but you can get the idea.

At last the quilt is coming together, I'm ready to quilt the areas in the foreground, then I know I will feel more confident in my finished product.
Here is what it looks like at this point.  It is becoming more exciting as the quilting is progressing well.  I have further removed lots more tulle from the central reflection (which doesn't show in the above pic), so I feel soooooo much better about everything. You'll have to wait for more pics.



Quilt or Dye said...

I hope my comments have not been perceived as negative and intrusive. I like this piece and I like that you feel moved to make it. It has been fun to see its progress. By seeing your progress through this piece I am learning to take time to look at my pieces as I am go along in the process.

I do think the colors you have added to the shoreline help to resolve the ambiguity of the gray. I think you have made some good choices to get to this point.

I am still bothered by the sharpness of the right edge of the tree. I think composition would be helped by having a little tail of the land and the far shore go past the edge of the tree. I have some question about the hammock. It looks more like it is still hanging than one end laying on the ground. Is that the intent? If it is supposed to have one end on the ground then perhaps some coloring with thread or other shading would help it lay down better. Rather than the addition of another cone flower, I think the entire composition would focus more strongly on the hammock tree and stump if you removed all the cone flowers. The story is about the hammock and the dead tree and right now they are lost behind all the flowers.

margaret said...

personally I like the flowers because of what you said about people leaving them at the scene. They're a part of the story too. Can't wait to see what it looks like with less tulle in the reflection. That's the part that was bothering me and I'm sure it's greatly improved. I'm wondering if you've thought about making the right and lower edges different somehow... since they're the same fabric as the rest of the background it sort of feels like it's floating. Maybe even an overlay of something sheer which could be cut out around your larger coneflower (which I agree adds a spark). How brave you are to post such an emotional work in progress! A comment from one of the earlier posts said it best - your heart will tell you what to do. Obviously it already has. Thanks so much for sharing your process with us.

annieQ said...

The two of you are "right on." The quilt has moved from being just the story of the tragedy to; my memorial for her. But I guess you could say it is a bit of both. So the flowers stay. The tragedy is now history, and now only our thoughts can be with the two involved and their famililies.

There is shading under the hammock, which is loose on one end, in the quilting, you haven't seen it yet.

As far as the sharp right hand border, it is softened by 3 ginkgo leaves on the upper portion, and now there are leaves quilted into that section of the border. But I am still thinking about it! It's not done yet.

Thanks for your comments.

Quilt Inspiration said...

It is wonderful. Your changes to the shoreline made a big difference. The large coneflower in the foreground emphasizes the memorial nature of the piece. The pink flowers also provide a nice complement to the green leaves.

California Fiber artist and composer said...

What a difference the changes have made. It is fascinating to be taken through your thought and design process. I would love it if you could post the original design and the new improved versions together so that the viewer can see what a difference the changes have made. I am learning a lot from your posts.

Frieda said...

Oh Anne, don't we all question ourselves. I think if you like it than it is good. I like it so far.
Can't wait to see it done.

annieQ said...

There will be more. So continue to check this blog