Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15 the day after Valentine's Day

I hope you'll allow me a few moments to reminisce. Yesterday, Valentine's Day, was always special to me as a young girl. I've mentioned this before; making Valentine's, giving candy, decorating paper doilies, and hoping to someday finding my prince charming were all part of that day. What could be more important than this?
USS Maine  Havana Harbor 1898
It is no longer Valentines!  February 15th was always a special day for my father a former navy man. As a naive young girl I was appalled because he always wore this little metal pin that he found in an antique store. It was red, white and blue and had a very old ship pictured in the center. It said "Remember the Maine" in big letters. This was the day that the Maine sank in Havana Harbor in 1898, a huge naval disaster. It may have been an event that precipitated the Spanish-American war.

The mast may still be at Arlington Cemetery.  When my sisters and I were kids we climbed on it.  I wonder if it is still there?

For years now, every Feb 15. I think of my dad. On this day, so long ago, the world changed its view of American Naval power, and America gained more respect. Today will always be "Remember the Maine Day." It always started the same way;  Daddy always came down to breakfast wearing his pin. We would roll our eyes, knowing that we'd get his little talk about the Maine. And of course we did.

Now you know what is special about this day. I like to ask everyone I see, "Do you know what happened on this day in 1898?"  And of course I tell them the story.

Thanks for listening. I promise to get back to blogging about quilts tomorrow...........



Jenice said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful story.

PattyBYoung said...

Thank you...I'll always remember 2/15 as Remember The Maine Day!

Maggie Szafranski said...

The mast of the Maine is still in Arlington Cemetery. Thank you for this history lesson!