Friday, February 11, 2011

My Official Valentine's Day Blog!

Since I was a little girl, Valentine's Day has always been special to me. Maybe it was a little girl's dream, prince charming, fairy tales and all that stuff. Or perhaps it was because I have always loved candy, especially chocolate.   I always looked forward to decorating pieces of red construction paper with lots of paper cutting, glue, paper doilies, crayons and scotch tape. I could spend hours and days making decorations for the house! Then I made little bags of candy to give to my special friends. It was all part of the my personal tradition.

The sad part of all this is my husband and two grown sons have ZERO interest in this special day. In the past, this crushed me, I gave up on them, and then decided to continue to celebrate the day in my own way. So...............instead of sending Christmas cards I began sending Valentine's. Think about it, how many Valentine's do you get these days?  Not many huh? Everyone seems to appreciate them. As soon as Christmas is over, I begin my Valentine plans.

Hearts and Trillium,    quilt by Ann Fahl
This is a slow process.  Making cards is faster with a computer and printer, but before I begin that part of the process I make a special small quilt to place on the front of the card.  My Hearts and Trillium is 17 x 17 inches, so it was completed relatively fast.  It's quilted with little hearts all over the surface to carry out the Valentine theme.
Valentine and Ginkgoes  quilt by Ann Fahl
This is last year's quilt.  I love the green quilting on the mottled black background. For me it is the highlight of the quilt.
Beaded Valentine  by Ann Fahl

The year before was Beaded Valentine. This one took lots of time because of the hand beading. Those of you with a copy of my  book, Dancing with Thread, will recognize this from the segment on quilting embellished quilts. I love the beaded border around the heart.

Now you've seen 3 years of quilts from my personal Valentine tradition. I wish you many quilts to warm you with colors, pattern and stitching. And no Valentine would be complete without those little heart candies, and a big chocolate heart with caramel in the middle. Of course I will wear my red socks with white hearts and a little black cat on the top.

Have a great day.



Anonymous said...

I just love your Valentine's tradition! I too have a wonderful man, but unfortunately he has no interest whatsoever in anything romantic. (I'm all mushy, and have enough for two I guess)
Thanks for the post - great idea - and I'm sure there are those out there that I know that would love me to send them something unexpectedly for Valentine's Day. Next year.

Terry said...

Great post and what a special tradition!!!

I have given Valentine's for years. . .my kids, grandparents, moms, dads and for the past several years some friends. The only Valentine I get is one from my DH. It use to make me sad; but now I just go with how happy it makes me to send out the cards to make someone's day brighter.

Robin said...

I love it when I am not the only one:)
I stopped sending Christmas cards years ago and started sending out Happy New Year cards for a change of pace. It also allowed me to thank the sender for their card. The NY cards had started going out later and later until this year I thought I would do Valentine Day Cards. I made a cute little heart flower to be photographed and printed.
Your Valentine's are much more elaborate and really show the joy you feel in this holiday. Lovely work-so glad I was able to see it!

Anonymous said...

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