Monday, September 19, 2011

More Variegated Thread

Warning: do not quilt the cat!
Next year, I'll be teaching at the AQS show in Paducah. One of the workshops will be called Colorful Machine Quilting.

I've been making samples and handouts this week. It's always fun to make some unexpected discoveries.  The quilt sample consists of strips in three colors, which I used to quilt across with variegated threads.  Here is what happened.

First I chose a multiple variegated thread in primary colors that includes: red, yellow, blue and green. It looks wonderful on the red and yellow. Look closely and you will see that the yellow portion disappears on the yellow fabric, and the same with the read.  It still is wonderful! Rainbow #813.

Here is the multi-varigated on rich blue.  All the colors in the variegation are visible because the blue segment is lighter in color.
Superior Thread came out with a new red/green thread.  This is Rainbow #863. I'm not a Christmassy kind of person but the red and green looked beautiful on the spool.  This thread "sings" on the yellow side, but lacks punch on the red.
The same red and green also looks beautiful on this rich blue fabric.

I guess when it comes down to it; it is much more fun to quilt with a variegated thread on a contrasting fabric.  Do not attempt this while a cat is present!

An update on the Gingko Table Runner from variegated previous posts:  It is now available on
You can download this pattern:  Autumn Ginkgo Table Runner, and don't have to pay shipping!
Have fun with variegated thread.  I always do.  Perhaps that's why it is my middle name.

Ann Variegated Fahl


Rachel said...

Great comparison on the different fabrics. There are times when it's appropriate that the thread blends into the background, but you're "spot on" when you say it's more fun to quilt with higher contrast.

Patty said...

Ann, I just got your book "Dancing with Thread" and it's made all the difference in my free motion quilt skills. I changed needles and ordered the paper you recommended...had been using tissue paper which distorted the threads.
Thank you for such great information!

annieQ said...

It is always good to hear a success story.

Maggie Szafranski said...

Loving it all! Gosh, it may be worth a trip to Paducah to take a class from you!

Anonymous said...

So, I'm having difficulty finding the primary colors in variegated floss (I can find the red variegated, or the yellow variegated, etc., but cannot find one skein with all the colors in it). Where do you buy your rainbow variegated floss?

annieQ said...

The thread I use is from Superior Threads, either Rainbow or Magnifico. Both Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski hand dye several weights of cotton thread that could be used as floss. Available on their websites. Ann