Friday, September 2, 2011

Eureka! A New Favorite Variegated!

Close up of quilting with YLI Variations #21V
 I'm still working on the same new table runner pattern.  I am quilting the soft cream mottled background with a YLI Variegated thread I purchased in NC a few months ago.  For years I have hoped to find a soft variegated thread that would be appropriate for fabrics which were soft neutral colors; muslin would be an example.  And there was a small cone of sand #21V sitting on the table in the YLI booth at the show. It was mine! How could I have missed this color combination?
I've been quilting with it for 2 days now, and it is exactly what I wanted.  Because it is subtle, I don't know if the photos will really show how great it is, but I'll show you anyhow.

This thread is a tri-lobal polyester thread, which is stitching on my machine like a dream, it is on a thread stand and it unreels smoothly with no problems. This isn't the shiniest thread on the market, but it does have a nice sheen to help emphasize the stitching. I am using The Bottom Line thread in the bobbin and a Titanium topstitch needle size 14. There is a Fairfield Soft Touch batting in the sandwich. I need something that isn't too puffy and is absorbent for use on the table.
Another closeup of the quilting
It's fun to find a thread that works well.  I've used YLI's Variations thread before, but never had this particular color in my collection. Now I do!

Hope all of you have a variegated holiday weekend.



Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am going to look for this thread.
Currently I use King Tut's Sands of Time #920. I love it for the same reasons. Perhaps this one is even more subtle.

Barb Harms said...

Ann, I'm intrigued. I already like YLI's thread, their silk is top notch and their metallic s definitely less problematic than most
Although I am an admitted coloraholic, sometimes to a garish extreme. I also love soft romantic quilts, this would be perfect.Thanks for the heads up, I'm googling it right away!