Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Your Sewing Machine goes on Vacation!

Last week my sewing machine started making little birds nests on the top side of my embroidery.  For days I tried to figure out why this was happening.  What was I doing wrong? What could I change so this would stop?

Nothing seemed to work.  So my machine went in for repair. This is the machine that I use for all of my free-motion work. What was I going to do while it was gone?  

I decided to clean out the closet where I store all my extra office supplies, photography, and stuff. It's probably been 25 years since I've done anything with the closet! You can imagine the state of confusion it is in. So what am I waiting for?  I unloaded the whole closet then the sorting began.  I'd been stuffing things in this closet and closing the door really fast.

Only a portion of the dusty slide boxes and notebooks

All those slides, they'll have to be sorted and mostly thrown out.. Because I am spending lots of time on my family history I need a place to store all my large notebooks and files. Today was recycling day, and you should see the huge load of old papers, magazines and junk we set on the curb!

After replacing two of the sagging shelves I began putting all my notebooks and supplies back in. This little task seemed to take forever, but it is great that it's done.
Look not at the beauty and organization, be impressed with the remaining space!

It's not my idea of a vacation, but it really feels good have space again and all my genealogy notebooks will occupy my top two new shelves. The extra surprise was I found all kinds of little surprises. A brand new pair of little Gingher scissors, a photo of my son with his first remote control airplane and a half yard of beautiful tapestry. 
Included in the treasures found were: my childhood animal collection,
new pair of Gingher's and a large hunk of a beautiful tapestry
Enough cleaning and organization.  I'm going to pick up my machine and finish up a really beautiful quilt for Houston.  Bye.

Ann Fahl


Rachel said...

Yes, I hate that lost feeling when the sewing machine is out for repair. You managed to turn a disappointment into a productive project. Makes me cringe to think of what I need to clean up in my closets. Oh well, think I'll hold that thought for awhile yet.

Jacquie aka The Muse said...

LOL! I'm in the middle of emptying, sorting and rearranging boxes and totes of stuff that has just accumulated in the corners. I'm finding thing I didn't remember I had! The scrap collecting and sorting is especially fun --


When I burrow into my boxes of scraps
It’s an archeological trip:
There’s a bit of my quilting history
In each and every strip.
I find fabric from my very first quilt
And some I received from a friend.
There are remnants of charms I got in a swap --
The memories never end!
It’s exciting to go into a quilting shop
Where new fabrics have so much to say,
But it’s also a thrill to discover
I have pieces of my yesterday!

Anonymous said...

My closet is 10 times confusion than yours, lol
sewing machine