Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amazing Show Opening

Portrait of a Quilter's Helper by Ann Fahl
Sunday was the opening of a new quilt exhibit at the Anderson Art Center.  What an amazing show. Along with my work are quilts by Rhonda Rodero, Melody Johnson, Barbara Schneider, Marcia Stein and Gloria Hansen. Each artist had their own gallery space, everything was  beautifully hung and well lighted; all the quilts glowed on the walls. As the opening reception was drawing to a close, I was told that I needed to go upstairs immediately, and that it was important.  My feet were beginning to hurt, I didn't want to go upstairs again, but I did.

Drink of Water by Ann Fahl
Remember my blog about the missing 8 carton shipment? 

Well, I met Jane, the lady that lived in the house where all my quilts were all mistakenly delivered. So here is the "rest of the story." Jane and her husband were both home that morning, they heard the truck pull up, drop the boxes on the driveway, heard the door close on the truck and it drove off.  When they went outside they saw the huge pile of boxes that weren't for them!  Thinking they were very heavy, they didn't want to move them. Her husband called UPS right away and told them all the boxes were mistakenly delivered and please come get them.  After waiting "long enough" Jane decided that some stronger action needed to be taken, so she called UPS and told them to hurry up, there were boxes filled with "fabric" sitting on her driveway and they were responsible.

Looking at all the quilts on the walls surrounding me, I realized that I had just found out  what had happened to them in the big mixup on their return home. Jane and her huband got the ball rolling, long before I even knew that something had gone wrong.

I big thank you to Jane and her husband for making sure UPS picked up the big pile of boxes and ultimately got them to their correct destination. My show never would have happened without them.

Ann Fahl


SUSAN said...

Weren't you lucky! There are truly some great people out there! Had she heard of you before this and now she was at your show?

Rachel said...

Great ending to a hair-raising story.

mckittycat said...

Some truly wonderful people out there. Love the cat in the toilet - could easily be one of mine! Mary Ann

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I had to laugh out the cat bum in the air and it's head in the toilet. I've had to shut the lid to a couple of my toilets...ALL the time or I end up sitting on a wet seat. Yep from cat drinking water.

GREAT art quilt!!


Ann Ferguson said...

These are wonderful, Ann.