Saturday, April 20, 2013

How Do You Quilt a Hockey Bag? part 6

The time has come to begin all the detailed quilting of my hockey quilt.  I've spent two days outlining all the shapes with monofilament thread. I outline everything using monofilament on top and in the bobbin, with a size 10 titanium topstitch needle. This stabilizes the entire quilt, and reduces the amount of shifting of the fabrics on the wool batting.

Now that the outlining is done,  I can play with the beautiful threads and doodle in the areas between the garden elements. But back to the question; how do you quilt a hockey bag?  This question has never come up before, so I went to my notebook full of quilting ideas and found one idea that would work.
This is the sketch in my quilting design notebook that I chose for the hockey bag.

I keep a notebook (3 ring binder) full of quilting ideas.  So when I need an idea I go to this resource.  This is the sketch of an idea that appealed to me. I used a rich variegated blue thread and it looks great.

I chose a rich blue variegated thread for the quilting on the bag.

Now, how do I quilt a hockey skate?  There is very little space to fill, so I chose a shiny gray thread and began a spiral where the ankle bone pushes out the side of the skate.  I just detailed the rest.

The hockey skate has been embroidered and quilted.

It's time for the sky. So I'm just going to play a little keeping the scale of the curls, coils and loops small.  There is very little space between the hockey sticks and other items to do much quilting.  I chose 2 variegated blue threads to use. The darker for the center and the lighter one for the 2 sides.

Thread choices for quilting the sky.
Here is a closeup of how the coneflowers are detailed and stitched.

Now all that's left is the  grass on the lower edge and the border.  Hmmmm what will I use for the binding? The binding is almost sewn on, here's a peek at how it will look.

Here's a look at the binding and the midnight variegated thread used for quilting the border.
 So it's almost done.  I already have an idea for my next quilt.

Ann Fahl


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I love your quilting choices. Can't wait to see it finished.

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Rachel said...

Superb hockey skate quilting with the "ankle bone spiral." Perfect.