Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Fiberistic Journeys

The Anderson Art Center can be found at  The curator and staff are very supportive of the quilting arts. There have been quite a few Art Quilt exhibits in the recent past.

The quilts of all six artists are mixed together in the various galleries.  Here is one of Robbi Joy Eklow's exhuberant pieces.

Here is a corner view of one of Rachel Wetzler's pictorials, Denise Havlan's granddaughter, and my tea party quilt with my cat.

Beth has occassionally designed quilts about controversial or political topics. Here is the one she made about the holocaust.

From a lighter point of view, here are two very colorful pieces also by Beth.

Upstairs is a tiny little hallway, where the curator Candace Hoffman always tucks something interesting. L to R, work by Denise Havlan, Rachel Wetzler and myself.

Walk around another corner and there is the daughter's bedroom, also with Italian marble fireplace, where we find 2 floral pieces by Denise Havlan and Annette M. Hendricks on the right.

My camera batteries died, so I wasn't able to completely photograph the exhibit.

Since this is my blog I will finish up with one of my lifetime favorite quilts: On the Nile.

Thanks for visiting my blog and my gallery visit. As an artist, it is so important to support the galleries and museums that display quilt art.

Ann Fahl


Anonymous said...

Ann, I just returned from the exhibit. I was greatly inspired. It is a lovely gallery. Your maple leaves are so delicately cut and the thread play!! Oh my! And the color! I hope I will be able to take a workshop with you one of these days.

Caryl in Evanston IL

Frieda said...

I went to the show last week and it was fabulous. It is a beautiful venue and gorgeous space and of course the quilts were fantastic!!

tmstewart said...

The exhibit looks gorgeous, Ann. Thanks for sharing.

quilthexle said...

Ann, thanks for posting about this exhibition. I have a question I would like to ask you privately - if you don't mind, would you email me, please? It is about one of the quilts (and I can't find the information I'm looking for online). Thanks in advance, Frauke

Alexandra said...

Thank you for posting about such a wonderfull exhibition.