Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Blog

Ann all dressed up on her birthday
Yesterday was my birthday. By the time one gets to my age, birthdays aren't quite as much fun as about 8 years old!  My two grown sons came home and we all went out to dinner together, that was great I really enjoyed it. Then we had a little celebration at my critique group; we celebrated my birthday and Robbi Joy Eklow's (we're 2 days apart.) There was a choice of 3 kinds of cake! Can you imagine? Truly this was a celebration!

My plan was to say something meaningful to all of you--on this solemn ocassion, but nothing seems to come to mind.  I had my hair cut, and I put on my Burger King crown to put me in a more festive mood.  Still nothing.

Today, the day after my birthday is David Letterman's birthday and he is one of my favorite comics. He makes me laugh out loud. Then my co-author Jacquie Scuitto sent me this link to Sarah Ann Smith's blog.  Now that made me feel really good.

At this moment only one thing continues to come to mind, as a child this made me think a little bit, then smile. My grandmother used to say;  "Today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday."

Perhaps tomorrow inspiration will strike!



SewCalGal said...

I have this theory that if a toddler gets a day to celebrate their birthday and someone that turns 100 gets a year to celebrate their birthday, we certainly deserve more than a day. Yes, Happy Birthday "window" where you get time to do anything and everything that brings you pleasure for as many days as you feel appropriate for your age. Enjoy Ann.


Keep Stitchin' said...

Happy Birthday a day late! Sounds like you had a really wonderful day!
Your blog background is the same as mine! By the way, I love your book, Dancing with Thread! I'm learning a lot!

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday. It was also my birthday yesterday and although we didn't really celebrate it, because we're not home but in Hawaii, I am glad to be in the warm sun and beautiful flowers with my whole family. I know there are some years it gets more celebration than others, but little remembrances are probably nicer for me than big ones. I don't really want to get sung to in the hot tub with lots of strangers around.

ann said...

Belated Happy Birthday. I'm looking forward to getting your book next month.

annieQ said...

Thank you for your messages.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Happy Birthday! Had I known I would have tried to get the review posted ON your b-day... I'm so glad you are pleased. The book is just charming, and I so hope it does well. Like you and Jacquie, I so wish the publishers of quilty books would get over the "it must have a project" thing! Here's to many sales over many years, Cheers, Sarah