Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Cat Lovers Only?

This morning finished up my birthday festivities, they have lasted over 4 days. We always do something special at coffee when we have a birthday. There is a birthday treat and maybe small gifts and cards.  Even at my age it is nice to be recognized on my special day. There were funny cards and thoughtful gifts, but one in particular stands out.

All of you readers have read much about my newest adventure, publishing my book about my cat quilts.  Perhaps Oreo might be jealous of this particular gift. Should I have named my book something else?

Maybe I could call it A Milk and Dark Chocolate Tale! Here is the gift I got from my friend Carole.  The perfect gift for a cat and chocolate lover.

A two tone chocolate cat!  

I think I'll taste test her ears first!



Linda Dalton said...

That cat looks good! Did you eat it yet?

annieQ said...

I'm holding off. Once I take that first bite, it will be all over!

matate10 said...

don't wait too long it would be a shame to waste a good chocolate cat.