Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walk Through Ellen's Garden: a winter treat

The other day, a copy of Thread Magic Garden, by Ellen Anne Eddy arrived.  What a beautiful book.
Water Lily Sunset, quilt by Ellen Anne Eddy
When I opened the book and saw the title page and table of contents I was hooked.  Beyond these first pages the entire book is rich with color, detail and texture of her wonderful new work.  Ellen and I think the same way about our flowers and gardens:

"My garden intoxicates me.  The sights and smells, textures 
and sounds are my daily retreat.  Just as I slip into the garden, 
the garden slips into my quilts."
What a lovely thought, I wish we were closer to spring. 

Ellen's work has changed some since her first book, Thread Magic. At least for this new book, her focus is on her garden and the creatures that live there.  Her new quilts are small jewels, each one better than the next.
Snail's Pace, quilt by Ellen Anne Eddy

She is still blending sheer fabrics with her dramatic hand dyed fabrics; and has added commercial lace, trims and loose fibers.  She explains in rich detail how she accomplishes each look.  Ellen includes:
  • tips
  • dos-and-don'ts
  • types of stitches
  • color theory
  • blending threads and colors
  • composition
  • creating a visual path
  • shading
  • angled stitching
  • and the list goes on. 
Her approach is very thorough and understandable for anyone wanting to try her free-motion techniques.

Whether you are interested in thread work or not, this book is a visual delight. CandT's book designer did a great job of including large detail shots throughout the book. It makes me drool!

Book details:  full color, 111 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, $28.95, available as an eBook from CandT Publishers.  The book is now available in quilt shops, from CandT, and from Ellen's website.

Cover of Ellen's new book

Support your local quilt artist.  Ask your local quilt shop to carry the book.  It will soon become a "must have" for everyone interested in thread work.

Ann Fahl, an envious thread artist!

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