Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Show is Over

This happens every time at the conclusion of a show.  For months and sometimes years, I have prepared for an exhibit. The opening is a thrill, because the work is hanging on the walls and it looks so wonderful.  I can't believe that I have created all that stuff!

Then the end of the show arrives, everything comes off the walls of the gallery, and it gets packed up to go home. It's over.  Then this cloud seems to hover over your life.  It took so much preparation and it's over, another artist or group arrives to hang their show in your place.  So I'm feeling the downturn in my spirits.  Now when this happens, I'm not surprised and I understand what is going on.

This time, we are experiencing this wonderful very early warm spring in Wisconsin and I can go out and dig, rake and transplant! This is a sure thing, it makes me feel really good.
Hepatica, a wild flower that is filling a spot near an old stump on a hillside.
Little sprouts of May Apples are pushing through the leaves.
Here is a cluster of May Apples that are beginning to open.  Soon when will be like umbrellas that are knee high.
There are daffodils and narcissus everywhere. 

The King Alfred Daffodils bloom outside the windows of my studio.  On a warm day the fragrance is wonderful.

These white primroses have never bloomed for me.

These little primroses have never been so beautiful.  It must be the mild winter and early spring that has made them so large and colorful.
These purple ones are always the first to open up.  I usually find them in mid April when I push the leave aside and find them. 
All these flowers and brilliant colors have boosted my spirits, and when the weather is warm enough, I am in full gardening mode.  My quilting will have to wait!

Ann Fahl


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! I can see why quilting must wait when you have such loveliness right outside your windows.

JoAnn Deck said...

I agree with you Ann, gardening this early has also helped me shake my seasonal effective disorder. It gave me the opportunity to do the clean up and get a head start on planning what changes I need to make this spring when it truly arrives.

Carol J said...

Oh Ann - you are truly blessed to have such beauty all around you! I used to have a really nice garden, but that was a few years ago and have not gardened since.
Thank you so much for being an instructor for the FMQ Challenge. I have been looking at your work, and you truly are an inspiration to me! Enjoy the warm weather and before you know it you will be creating once again :-)