Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pulling from the Past

The new issue of The Quilt Life, April 2012 is out on news stands now.  What a great magazine!  I admit that when I first heard, last year, that there was going to be a new Quilt magazine coming out, I was less than enthused. I am so tired of pattern magazines!
The April 2012 issue of The Quilt Life magazine

The Quilt Life is different. It is published by the good people at AQS; Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson are the executive directors; Jan Magee is the editor-in-chief.  They have put together a magazine that is artful, well designed and includes a plethora of topics. When my issue came in the mail today I sat down and decided to read it cover to cover.  The articles include a very wide range of subjects by authors that you will recognize and some you will not.  Each is tied in to the subject of quilting in some manner.  Each author was so inspired by some story, experience or subject, that it became a part of their work.  No matter what level of quilter you may be:  beginner or experienced; you will find the magazine colorful and fascinating. I would also like to mention that the subjects are equally divided between traditional and artful quilts. Whatever type of quilts you prefer, you will find something of interest.

The article I wrote is on pages 50-53; it is titled Yesterday and Beyond.  I have to say, that I am pleased with how the editor, Jan, took my mishmash of photos and made a beautiful article out of everything.  Look closely at the first page, and you will find a ginkgo tree from Winona Lake. Suzanne Marshall is featured and one of her hand appliqued pieces is printed on the centerfold.  Yes, quilters can have centerfolds too. On the very last page, p. 86, there is a lovely soft landscape designed by Sarah Ann Smith. This quilt took my breath away.  Go find a copy and check this out!

Take a moment to celebrate this day, March 18:  National Quilting Day.  Go start a new quilt!

Ann Fahl

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Rachel said...

Congrats on a delightful article filled with a peak into your life and loads of photos of your amazing quilts. Wonderful piece.