Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilts in Color: part 3

This is part 3 about the exhibit Quilts in Color at the:

January 29-March 25, 2012
6501 Third Ave.
Kenosha, WI  53143
hours 1-4:00 Tuesday through Sunday
The featured artist today is Melody Johnson, who has been a quilt artist since 1981. She was also a professional fabric dyer for twelve years . Melody's education includes a BA in painting and drawing from Northeastern Illinois University in1981 and an MA in Fibers from Northern Illinois University in1994.
Melody's philosophy of quilt making is "all color all the time."  According to her, you can never have enough color! The two of us have had many interesting discussions of color, embroidery and fabric. Her quilts emanate with her joy of color.
Here are Melody's quilts hung above another of the Italian marble fireplaces. The quilts are from her Bon Bon series.
All of Melody's constructions are fused pieces, they appear to be pieced, but they are not.  Her quilting makes them appear to be pieced or appliqued. 
Zig-zag # 5,  quilt by Melody Johnson
 Don't you just love the jagged lines in the "rick rack" segments.  They add such strong directional interest in the quilt.  The edge also has "prairie points" to carry out the zigzag theme; I love the fact that they are irregular.  Melody created the perfect edge for this quilt.  Look closely, this is just a 9 patch block.  Isn't it wonderful and joyous?
Matchstick Moon and Matchstick Moons 2, quilts by Melody Johnson
 To create the surface patterns, Melody has used many fine thin strips to create the circular images and the grass-like textures.
Technique Rebellion III-Redux,  quilt by Melody Johnson
Technique Rebellion, above is without a doubt the most impressive quilt in her gallery.  The color and threadwork take your breath away! I am sorry there isn't a detail shot of this quilt.  It is so rich with thread, it is almost like velvet.
Parallel Paths,  quilt by Melody Johnson
This quilt is reminiscent of some of her mosaic pieces.  This was of course is rich with color and texture.  Her use of her own hand dyed fabrics makes all of her quilts sing.

If you would like to see more of Melody's work, you must visit her website. It is in glorious color and you will love seeing all of her work together.

Melody works in her home studio in Tennessee. "For me it's a balance of making the work and helping others find their artistic gifts. I loved the teaching experience, the encouragement, and mind opening exchange between the student and myself.   Teaching was an extension of my art. I am so happy now to have the time and space to enjoy my husband's retirement, to create new work, and to share my daily adventures via my blog. "
Thanks Melody for adding so much color to our day.

Ann Fahl


Laura Krasinski said...

I'm going to head down there a week from Tuesday..I can't wait!!

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I know you will enjoy the show.