Thursday, November 4, 2010

Darning Feet--part 3

One of my readers told me about a new darning foot  from Janome that gave better visibility.  Yesterday, I went to my dealer and picked one up.  It comes in a combo package that gives the sewer a choice of three feet for the darning foot, and gives you the wonderful pressure adjustability. (The wheel above spring on upper right)

After a short test, I am impressed with how the little open toe feature gives much better visibility than the closed toe that I showed you in Darning Feet--part 2. When adjusted properly, it just glides along, instead of hopping like other feet. This is sooooo much easier on the eyes.
Here are the other 2 feet that come with the package: The Clear View Foot and the Closed Toe foot. The Clear View gives you a wide opening, so the sewer can accomplish zigzag free-motion. And the closed toe model I am not fond of.  All three interchangeable feet are attached to the machine via a small slotted screw on the back side of attachment bar .  This is a well thought out product.

If you don't have a Janome machine, that's OK.  When you are interested in doing lots of free-motion work trying out all the darning feet available for your machine or one that you hope to purchase, is very important.

Ann Fahl


Karen said...

hhmmmm.....very interested in being able to adjust the pressure thingy....I'm going to have to look into that...thanks Anne!

annieQ said...

The adjustable pressure feature makes free-motion work much easier.

QuiltingCyclist said...

So happy to see the coverage on this foot set. I love it. I got mine in January 2009 thanks to a blog post by Judy Coates Perez. I have found a good use for all of the feet. The tiny circle does help when you need to avoid catching the foot on the surface - maybe other threads or embellishments.