Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Blackwell Exhibit part 2

This exhibit, open now, will be on display until April 1, 2011. So you have time to visit when you are in the area. Blackwell (1922-2008) was a designer in California, many movie stars and notables wore his clothing. Most of us remember his "worst dressed list" for both men and women.

Because I love beading I took several detail shots of the white dress dated 1969, second from the left.
No need to wear a necklace. Check out this "day dress" with flat braid, rhinestone studs, pearls and amber faceted glass.
Look at this welt pocket. Did you ever make one like this? It's gorgeous.

When viewing the exhibit, everything is behind glass, but you can get really close to the garments.  There is so much hand work.  Being a quilter, I think too many of us speed up the process by taking shortcuts on the machine. What a treat to see this show.

The turquoise brocade dress to the right of the beaded day dress is described in the show brochure as: "a two piece evening ensemble, long-sleeved dress with matching full-length, sleeveless coat of brocaded fabric in turquoise, white, and gold paisley motifs.  Sleeveless coat is additionally embellished with gold and clear sequins and gold dangles."

Never in my life have I worn a sleeveless coat, I'd prefer to think of it as a long vest.

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