Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Heard About Titanium Needles?

Less than a year ago, the good people at Superior Threads designed a new topstitch needle.  I am always leery of new products.  But I was curious enough about them to order just 1 pack of size 14's with my thread order.  Well that's all it took, they are great.
You know that rule where the sewing machine needle should be replaced every 8 hours?  Gone.  These needles last 5-6 times longer than our standard needles do!

If you like to use beautiful shiny decorative threads, they can be irritatng at times. If you are frustrated by shredding or breaking threads, topstitch needles are what you need. They have a large eye, and a groove in the shaft of the needle above the eye, that actually protects these more delicate threads as the stitches are being created below the throat plate.
 If you use fusible products in your work, you will also find that the titanium plating on the needle seems to repel the glue and sticky substances that we use. Our standard metal needles seem to get coated and the eye of the needle gets clogged and eventually break the threads. These new needles are a win-win product.

They come in 4 sizes, 70/10, 80/12, 90/14 and 100/16 and they are a beautiful "gold" color so you don't get them mixed up with other needles. There is a size for every weight of thread.

When I teach and lecture around the country I am stunned at how many packages of these needles that I sell. So I have decided to add them to my notions "store" on my website.  You may read more on my website.



geni said...

The titanium needles are my favorites too. Thank you for sharing your experiences and adding them to your webshop.

Terry said...

I bought some and maybe I got a bad package because they all seemed dull. . .maybe I will try another package.

annieQ said...

Ask your quilt shops and your favorite machine dealers to carry these needles. They will improve everyone's sewing life!

Carol B in NH said...

I also use these and find them to be an excellent needle. I suggest people get a couple of different sizes to see what will work best for their kind of stitching.