Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Quilter Magazine

Every once-in-a-while something comes along that is a wonderful surprise.  A December issue of The Quilter Magazine recently arrived.
I was thrilled to see my name written on the cover--Wow I'm a star.  Towards the back of the issue Dawn Goldsmith had written a 4 page article about my work.  She says that my quilts sing. I just think this is the ultimate complement. The pictures in the article are good sized and there are also detail images to show the quilting.

When you go to your favorite shop, look for this issue. Besides me, there are lots of quilt patterns and ideas.  Thank you so much Dawn for writing a wonderful article. I am honored.



Terry said...

What a wonderful and well deserved compliment. I totally agree!

QuilterBee said...

I'm gonna buy that mag! Now I don't know about you, but if I saw MY name on a mag cover...I'd stroke out right there,lololol ;OD

Thank you for doing the FM foot homework too. Will that Janome foot fit the 6500?

Thanks Ann, Amie in Tn.