Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Party Central at My House!

Party Girl, a quilt by Ann Fahl
We never go out for New Year's Eve any more.  I prefer sitting down with a Diet Coke with fresh lime and watch a good movie.  Oreo however likes to celebrate in a much more active fashion.  This quilt was made in 2002 when her favorite "doll" was much more attractive and the little plastic balls are scattered all over the floor.  She will party with some catnip this evening. 

Here's how the doll "appears" in the quilt.
Being conservative, we always keep our celebrations small and not too boisterous! Here is Oreo's doll.  Don't let this happen to you! 

This is her "fav" doll as it exists 2011.  It's kind of a mess, but she loves it.

Happy New Year.
Ann Fahl


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh too funny!!!! Love your pattern too!

Susan Schaller said...

Does Oreo carry that poor doll around or just bat it around with great gusto! How old is your # 1feline? Great New Year's quilt !

Linda Kittmer said...

How wonderful. Oreo obviously loves that ragged little doll :D


annieQ said...

She carries it around, and will just drop it somewhere. Not too pleasant to step on it in the dark!

Oreo wishes all of you a fantastic 2012.

Rachel said...

That doll has had a whole lotta lovin'!