Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back to the Studio!

Now that everything is back in place, I've returned to work at the machine. I've started quilting on the collage piece. It's wonderful to work in a room full of light.
Basted collage, partially outline quilted with monofilament thread.

One thing I have rediscovered, is that I need to change my darning foot when I'm quilting around beads. I love the little Janome open foot that floats over the surface, but it is awful around beads.
My favorite open toed adjustable foot catches in all the bead!  Frustrating.
In my excitement about trying some of Lyric's beading techniques on her DVD, I forgot about the fact that I quilt after the beading, not before.  The little adjustable foot catches and doesn't move when there is a bead nearby. So... I have to change to my closed toe oval generic darning foot.
Attach this closed toe plastic darning foot, and it rides right on top of the beads.  Life with beads is much easier sewing with this foot.
So change the foot on your machine and the quilting will go much smoother.  And I'm having fun.

Just a reminder that Oreo still has some books left and we can fill orders received this week by Christmas.  A Black and White Tale is the book I illustrated with all of my Oreo quilts and the verse is written by Jacquie Scuitto, the Quilt Muse.  This is a delightful little book, perfect for a gift for any cat or quilt lover, for under $20! Please check it out. Help support a quilter/publisher and her feline.

It's hard to believe that it is only 2 weeks before Christmas.  Happy shopping.

Ann Fahl

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