Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Joys of Publishing a Book and My Quilter's Vacation!

In my last post I talked about the extreme challenges presented by converting my family history text to pdf files. It took longer than a week to get everything figured out. But I did it.

On a Sunday I went to the printer, where my pdf's were blended into a complete manuscript and Lindsey printed up a sample book of all 168 pages. I couldn't believe it. As I saw the machine spit out the pages of all my family members my heart beat fast. It looked like this "book" was finally going to happen. We took some time to talk over some printing and binding options, I left the printing and assembling in her capable hands. On Friday I picked up 30 copies of my family history.

I could hardly wait to open a finished book; turn the pages, feel them and see how the finished project looked. The paper was smooth, and all the photos copied beautifully. I haven't counted the number of pictures in the book, but they probably number about 300. Some were new digital photos, others were photos of old tintypes from 1890. I've looked through the book 3 times now. I am so proud of the final product. If nothing else it is a wonderful collection ofthe family photos of 6 generations! I feel extreme satisfaction.

This is a book that none of you will ever see. It will be owned and read by only 30 of my family members. I hope everyone keeps and protects this book, for their children and grandchildren to see. As I get older I want to give something to my two sons that isn't a quilt! It's finished.

Through all this book business I've been on an extended quilter's vacation; it has been 2 months since I've sat at my sewing machine. I was so involved with finishing this book, sewing seemed to get in the way. Sorting old photos on the cutting table left very little room for going through fabric, cutting, fusing and designing my next quilt.

Enough about the book. I will feel a glow of accomplishment for a few more days. It is time to get back to quilting. I have a new piece on the design wall, but before I return to it, I need to just quilt for a little bit. I have 10 little 6 x 6 inch embroidered pieces. I've based them and begun quilting them. I love seeing the quilting patterns change the surface of the fabric. Quilting in the empty spaces makes the embroidered leaves so beautiful. As I'm quilting, I continue to look at the nine patch wall piece I'm working on, and hopefully will solve my design issues tht made me stop work on it several months ago.

I'm hoping the great success I feel in one part of my life will spill over and help me return to my life's favorite activity: quilting.