Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoy a Quilt Every Day!

Do you have a personalized Google page?  I have a gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page, that shows you a different quilt each day.  The quilt that pops up today is my Egyptian Water Garden II.
Egyptian Water Garden II, quilt by Ann Fahl
This is one of my favorite quilts.  The quilts appear in random patterns so you can't predict what quilt will be shown next.  If you keep the gadget long enough you will be able to see almost every quilt I have ever made.

You need to sign up for an iGoogle page, click on "add gadgets" icon, and type in "art quilt of the day."  Click on the "add it now" button, and a quilt will appear.  This is a little visual treat for each day. Have fun with it.

Hope to see you at Paducah.  I will have copies of my Metallic booklet and my Black and White Tale with me, so you can see them first hand. Come up and introduce yourself.

Ann Fahl

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quilts in France!

Right now, as I am contemplating my age, career and life's goals; an opportunity to exhibit my work in France came along. It is such an honor to be one of the artists exhibiting.  Eight of my quilts will be included in:
9400 Villefranche sur Saone
near Lyon - France
April 12-15, 2012
Wow That's Orange (c) Ann Fahl
There will be quilts from Europe, but there will be special exhibitions from Japan, Australia and USA.  I will be included in the American portion. Of course I had to send my two brilliant orange quilts for them, they are such attention grabbers.  And by the way, UPS sent my quilts from Racine to France, and it only took two days.
Orange Coneflowers (c) Ann Fahl
So if you will not be attending this Quilt Expo, you can at least see my 8 quilts, right here, in the comfort of your very own home.  The rest of my quilts included are:
If I could speak French, I would put all this in a different language, for you to peruse. But I can't, so you will have to read this in English!  So, go get yourself a beautiful stemmed crystal glass, and put some French red wine in it, get comfy in your chair and visit all of my quilts online. 

My thanks to Margo Bimler and Monique Bonnet Imbaud for arranging this exhibit!

Ann Fahl

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ann Becomes Ancient History!

My Great Grandfather, Pascal Kenyon Shaw  1854-1928
This is a day that I never thought would arrive, and it has.  I feel that I must mark this day with a more personal message to you, my readers.  I remember when I was a little girl asking my father, in what year I would be 50 years old.  Fifty was an age that was beyond anything I could possibly comprehend.  I also remember when I was 24 and a good friend of mine was 30, I thought she was ancient!
Ann Fahl, April 11, 2012 a landmark birthday
Today, I can be covered by Medicare and begin receiving Social Security checks.  How could I ever have gotten to this day?  It's mind boggling, how has life gone past so quickly? So in this photo, I am sitting in a pose similar to that of my great grandfather, (but don't you think he was handsome?) but I am certainly having more fun! I'm sitting in front of my newest quilt background, which was pieced today, I'm wearing red socks and shoes.

I've had a lovely day, we had special cookies at coffee this morning, lunch with a friend, it is sunny outside, and tonight we are going out for ice cream. We will have a family celebration with my sons this weekend. But somehow, I feel I should be old today!

On my cutting table, daffodils in a vase by Judy Coates Perez
My studio is cheery and sunny today and my garden is so beautiful.
Doronica, a shade loving plant is blooming much earlier this year.  When all the buds open it will be full of bright flowers.
The May Apples are just about open, even though the temperature got to 28 degrees last night.
And look at the hyacinths that are blooming in my front yard.
So this is how my life has been today. The daffodils are still beautiful and I have 3 bouquets in the house, they smell heavenly. 

I was 29 years old for many many years.  Five years ago, I had my 30th birthday, and I've been 30 ever since.  But to be really honest, I'm not 30 anymore.  My son is 30!  I should feel very old today. 

I feel so many conflicting feelings, but to be truthful, I don't feel old.  I've just finished a great quilt; starting another, the master gardener classes have been fun and informative, life is good I don't have any compaints.

Yesterday I took my Silver Mist Toyota Camry in for her 90,000 mile checkup. This was an expensive proposition, with new timing belt, serpentine belt, fluid changes, tires rotated and on and on.  When all was completed, I thought Misty and I could ride off into the sunset together! But I've had a change of heart, we are driving to Paducah together instead.  Hope to see you there.

Ann Fahl
Age 30 years.