Friday, April 10, 2015

A Puddle in the Basement for Inspiration

You never can tell when an event might trigger some inspiration or a memory.  In Wisconsin yesterday, we had terrible rainstorms with tornado warnings.  Late morning when I returned home from errands I saw I had a small leak in my studio.  This happens when either the sump pump or the down spout near the door is clogged. 

I ran to the basement and got my basket full of rags, and threw them down to soak up the moisture on the carpet. Then proceeded to look outside for the cause of the problem.  When I finished with all my delightful tasks, a threw all the wet rags in the washer and dryer. 
This isn't just a rag bag

I'm done mopping and everything has dried out. It's time to put my studio back in order.  It might look to you just like a basket of junk but as I was folding up the cleaned rags I found the most interesting things:

A piece of a t-shirt with some experimental embroidery
My son's t-shirt from college
An old Case IH shirt that they gave away at company picnics when my boys were young
My very first T-shirt purchased at Paducah when my flamingo quilt won a prize
A pair of my husband's underwear
Pieces of my first flannel sheets
The striped towel my grandmother got free in a box of detergent. This is a true relic.

This isn't just a rag bag it is full of family memories!

Ann Fahl