Saturday, January 16, 2010

Invitation to a Quilt Exhibit

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was interviewed by a reporter from The Kenosha News about a soon to open exhibit of quilts called Fiberistic Journeys. The show will open on Jan 24 and continue until March 21, 2010. I can guarantee you that it will be worth your time for it includes the work of: Robbi Joy Eklow, Rachel Wetzler, Denise Havlan, Beth P. Gilbert, Annette M. Hendricks and myself.

The reporter and I walked through most of the exhibit and he was impressed. He kept saying "Wow!" For me it is more than that, it is visually quite exciting. It was a very gray day, and looking at all the work lifted my spirits. The quilts for the most part are large, very colorful, many have won prizes or found in books, and can just blow you away! Candace Hoffman, Anderson curator, says "This is an exhibit not to be missed."

The exhibit can be found at the Anderson Art Center, 121 Sixty-Sixth Street, Kenosha, WI 53143, 262-653-0481. Open 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Tuesday to Sunday. The opening reception is open to the public on Jan 24 from 1:30-4:00. Please join us. Over the years this art center has been very supportive of quilting arts, so we need to support them too. It formerly was the Anderson Mansion that is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, a beautiful location, even in the winter months. You can see the photo of the exterior of the outside of the former home.

Many of you are familiar with Robbi Joy Eklow's quilts and postings on the internet. Her second book was published in 2009.

Rachel Wetzler is a prize winning quilter extroidinaire! Her pictorial quilts are a treat for your senses.

Denise Havlan was a painter before becoming a quilter. The surface of her work is fused, appliqued, painted and embroidered. Her work is either figurative or embroidered landscapes.

Beth P. Gilbert is a retired nurse turned quilt artist. She and her husband usually take one or two international trips each year. Either her travels or her garden inspire her fused and appliqued quilts.

Annette M. Hendricks is also a painter turned quilt artist. She appears in many of her quilts. Her faces are painted, the subjects are fused, appli-pieced and beautifully quilted.

And of course there are my quilts as well. you can see all of them on my website.

Read what the Racine Journal Times said about the exhibit at
Read Scene and Heard article on quilts. Please help us spread the word about this exhibit. See you there.

Ann Fahl

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Jeanette Thompson said...

I had the pleasure of going to the show yesterday, and it was fabulous. I loved all the work in the show. They were all masterly executed and what wonderful variety. A true treasure, I am glad I was able to get over to see it before it closed.