Friday, November 15, 2013

Far from Done with Red and Green Tulips

The block in the worst condition of the 20 in the quilt.
It's really exciting when I finish another block. The new fabrics just jump out and grab my attention. They look wonderful. But something bothers me about this fact. The tulips are bold, crisp and new. The background is aged, soft and puckered.  I know how this will be remedied, but it kind of bugs me as I admire my handwork.

I will quilt over some parts of the new applique, like the original maker did.  When the quilting has all been completed, I will gently rinse or wash the entire quilt and let it air dry.  Hopefully the applique will wrinkle up a little bit to give it a softer older look.  I want the old and the new to blend together.

Remember in an earlier blog I talked about the importance of pre-washing fabric? This is why.

Still stitching.



Connie said...

Hello Ann, I am a new-bee to quilting and am just finishing my first quilt, hopefully tonight. I have the binding on and I'll be hemming it while watching TV with my husband tonight. I am so wanting to learn from the best and feel honored to have found your blog. My first quilt is done on my sewing machine, but I'm looking into purchasing a quilting frame. There is something so special about a hand quilted piece.
Your newest follower, Connie :)

annieQ said...

Hi Connie,
It is good to hear from you. Pretty much I am a machine embroiderer and quilter. So this restoration project is a big change of pace for me. After all these years, I've gone back to how I learned to quilt in 1978. P.S. you don't need a frame to quilt, you just need a 16-18" hoop. They are much easier to live with!