Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last Update on Jeremiah Lochry

My project to replace the grave marker for Jeremiah Lochry has reached its conclusion. All the pieces have come together; the spelling of his name was determined by research, and what information to include on the memorial has been made.

Jeremiah now has a proper marker. He came to the New World about 1740, with some of his grown sons and perhaps with his wife whose name is not known. He started a new generation of Americans on land he purchased in 1741 which was located originally in the colony of Maryland, that later became Pennsylvania. His children were Jeremiah, William, Archibald, Margaret, John, James, Rebecca and Mary.  William is my ancestor.  Father Jeremiah took part in the early wars of the colonies, and some of his sons to part in the Revolutionary War. He owned quite a bit of land, and raised children that became responsible active citizens.

Jeremiah's birth in Ireland is not documented. He died December 4, 1749 and was the second person to be buried in Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery in Adams County, PA. Today it is a beautiful quiet old cemetery; the nearby Presbyterian Church has been a good caretaker of this historic site. Jeremiah's grave was in considerable disrepair several years ago when I first called for information about him; they asked if I would be willing to replace his stone.  After considerable thought and research, I did.

New gravestone installed Nov 2013.
Rest in peace, Jeremiah.

Ann Fahl


Barbara said...

I also have ancestors in Lower Marsh Creek cemetery. I should go visit one day and see what's left of their markers since I live relatively close. Maybe next year after I retire.

Barbara in MD

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Unknown said...

An update on Jeremiah's grave as of August 2016. Jeremiah's new stone has been moved over a few feet, so it is adjacent to the damaged remnant of his old stone. This decision was made by some Loughry descendants and the staff of the cemetery. Rest in peace Jeremiah.