Tuesday, February 3, 2015

From Quilting to Family History: Searching for German Monument

A Monument for Theodore Freywald!

Most of you know me because I have been active in the quilting community for more than 30 years. After retiring from teaching in the field my new mission is to write a book about the ancestry of each of my grandparents.  I've finished one and started another. In the meantime my husband has become ill, and I'm working on his family history while he can still answer my questions. Most of his family has been here only 3 or 4 generations coming from France, Germany and Poland.  I have found some fascinating people in the process.

Dragoons may have dressed like this.
So I'm asking for your help in locating a monument in Kyllburg Germany. I am told it is in Nord-Rhein-Westfalen area. It was erected in 1871 to honor the 5 soldiers from this community that fought for Napoleon. Our ancestor was Theodore Freywald (1783-1847) of the 16th Regiment of Dragoons during the years 1805-1815. Dragoons are soldiers or guards mounted on horseback.

About the monument: It is described as a shaft on a square base with a cross on the top. A profile of Napoleon is on the front. Enscription "For the Wars of Napoleon." The names of the soldiers are inscribed on it. Do you know where this is located?

For each ancestor's biography, I try to find something to use as a symbol. Long ago there were no cameras and selfies! It would be wonderful if I would be able to connect with someone that can send a digital photo of this monument and the names of the soldiers it honors; for my book. Theodore was a brave man, some of his children immigrated to America. See photo of Magdalena below.

Please repost this request to anyone you know that might live in this area of Europe.  Thank you so much.
Magdalena Freywald 1825-1907

My next post will be about the old tulip quilt that I am reparing.  It is done.

Ann Fahl


Susan O Schaller said...

Wonder if WWII were fought in that area and destroyed the monument ?

Andrea said...

I don't know if this is really helpful for you but I will try. I did some researches in the internet and found out that there is a monument in Kyllburg in the avenue to the catholic parish church "Sankt Maximin". It's called "Für Napoleons Krieger" and probably errected after 1850. In the German written source I found it is described as a square base with an obelisk on top. The monument is covered with inscriptions. Names, dates of birth and troup units of combatants of the Napolionic campaigns are listed there. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture but maybe the information will be helpful for you.

Unknown said...

I have found that information too, but couldn't find a contact email or something, because I can't read the language. Thank you for trying.Ann

Andrea said...

Ann, I found a homepage of the parrish office with their contact dates, email address etc. - do you want me to write them and ask for a picture or would you prefer to do it yourself? I could post a link to your address on your blog.

Unknown said...

Since you speak and write German please write them a note to ask. That way they will more likely understand my request. It is for a book that will be going to my family. Also a person that is webmaster for a Napoleon monument website would also like a photo and info. Please give them my email: I would be glad to give them more information if they need it. Thank you so much.

Andrea said...

Okay, I will do my very best! :)

Unknown said...

Pia has called the mayor's office.

wolfgang Krämer said...

Looking forward you'll find all the complete documentsof your german ancestors family. Good luck and all the best to you. If you need more support in searchjng for original documents from our county - archiv or museum, please let me know.... kind regards ... Wolfgang Krämer, kyllburg mayor