Friday, October 22, 2010

Darning Feet--part 2

A year or two ago, Janome released a new foot and bobbin case for free-motion work.  As soon as I heard about this new product I wanted to get the set.  The bobbin case works beautifully. It appears to be just the same as the factory installed case, but it performs better. 

New Janome darning foot for free-motion work
The new closed metal darning foot impressed me at first, because the pressure is adjustable by turning a little dial. You can see above the spring a little wheel that will adjust the pressure on the throat plate and quilt top. The metal enclosed foot is too small to see where I am stitching. The opening actually measures about 3/16 ths of an inch.  After using this foot exclusively for a month or two, I kept having eye strain. After I figured out what was happening to me, I put this foot away and have never used it since. Because I do so much quilting around flower petals and little details, the visibility this foot offers is too limited for me to use in my work.

Many of you have other brands of sewing machines. Check what type of feet are available for your brand of machine. After reading what I've written about what is available from my brand of machine, you will be able to determine what kind of foot will work better for you.

Happy free-motion quilting.

Ann Fahl


Janet Stone said...

Did you know Janome makes a FM convertible foot with an open-toe attachment that works like the one in your photo? It also has the pressure dial, so no hopping. It also comes in a low shank version. Here's a link.

I use the upen toe attachment all the time and love it! Big fan of your work and love your blog!

annieQ said...

Janet, thank you for the link. I have just returned from a trip to St. Louis, where one of my students had a 7700 with one of the convertible feet. I am going to get one of these open toe feet as soon as I can.