Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you hear all the bells ringing? It is National Oatmeal Day!

Today is October 29, National Oatmeal Day.  What a day! Many years back I discovered that eating a big bowl of Old Fashioned Oatmeal with some goodies added, was a great way to begin the day. It helps to give me a healthy energy level throughout the day.
Power Breakfast for Quilters © by Ann Fahl
Go to my website and get my recipe and read a little more about this quilt. Old fashioned oatmeal when cooked with milk tastes soooooooooooo much better than the instant stuff cooked with water.  Believe me, it really does.  If you are eating too many simple carbs for breakfast, this will make a difference for you. Let me know how you like it.



Moni said...

The quilt is very cool. How did you make the shadows? It looks like something like tulle or gauze laid over the background fabric. I have been toying with doing just that.

annieQ said...

I like to use tulle because it doesn't fray. In this case I chose blue. Did you have your oatmeal today?

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Ann,

I read the article about you in The Quilter (Jan 2011). Inspiring story!!

Your oatmeal quilt is absolutely darling.

Moni said...


I regularly eat oatmeal and granola, both of which I make myself. I make my own instant oatmeal, so it doesn't have all that nasty stuff in it the store bought does. I don't have much time in the morning before work to do the long cook kind. Yes, making it with milk is the best!

Thanks for the tip about the tulle - I will try it!

annieQ said...

For you oatmeal fans, the old fashioned oatmeal can be cooked in the microwave in just 3-4 minutes. It doesn't take that long at all. It is so much healthier than the instant type. It tastes better too.

Rachel said...

For some reason I assumed old fashioned oatmeal had to be prepared the old fashioned way (stovetop)=not gonna happen. So I just tried your oatmeal recipe (made with cherry flavored Craisins) and WOW is it superior to the instant packets that I regularly use. Not buying that anymore. Very hearty with lots of walnuts. And it really is hardly any effort. Enjoyed it while watching a taped episode of Quilting Arts. Double pleasure. Thanks so much for educating me on oatmeal!