Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Traditions

My wish for all my readers is that you have a wonderful holiday, whether you have traditional celebrations or not!

Back in 1985 my parents took a European tour for musicians; and East Germany was on their itinerary. Having been fascinated by the E. German Christmas Pyramids or Carousels, I asked them if they would purchase one for me. I gave them some money, and they finally agreed to purchase it, even though they really didn't want to haul a big box around as they toured churches and cathedrals across the continent. But they did carry it with them for most of the tour. They had no idea what they were starting for us.

My 2 sons have grown up watching the thing spin as the heat from the candles turns the blades on the top.

I'm not a traditionalist but nothing tickles my fancy more than watching the angels and shepherds go around and around as I eat my holiday cookies for dessert. For me this brings the joy of the season.

And tonight after we had our favorite meal of tacos for Christmas eve I brought out the cookies and lit the carousel.  It was wonderful. The boys were home, conversation was lively, and I was thrilled by the candles and carousel. We have created our own tradition! Not only has this carousel traveled thousands of miles across the ocean, it still puts on the miles, on our dining room table.

May you find joy and love in your holiday.


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