Thursday, March 24, 2011

It is National Potato Chip Day!

Great Grandma's Bench, a quilt by Ann Fahl
I heard it's Potato Chip Day on the news at noon today.  It just brought all kinds of wonderful thoughts to mind.  Potato chips were always one of my favorite snacks when I was growing up.  After school my sisters and I would each have a bowl of chips while we watched As the World Turns at 4:00.

When we were at the cottage at Winona Lake, no meal was ever complete without them.  Seyfert's Potato Chips were available in Indiana, and my Aunt Mary Edith always thought they were the tastiest chips ever.  She would buy extra bags to take home to Georgia.

We stored the chips in a tall old Lone Ranger tin.  It was always a good sign for the kids when Grandma pulled that out of the pantry! My Uncle Bill Jones was a subtly humorous man who we remember fondly.  He always said, "I always get worried when I see the stack of smaller plates and the potato chips put on the table for the next meal. That meant that it was going to be small!" (And he was going to be hungry!)

For me, everything at Winona Lake always tasted better. The above Winona Lake quilt is pictured in my new book, A Black and White Tale.



Keep Stitchin' said...

It was National Potato Chip Day yesterday and I missed it??? What is the world coming to???

What some wonderful memories. I remember my oldest sister telling of when our father was still alive and she was quite young, how it was such a treat to have potato chips on rare occasions and how they used to drink from those brightly colored aluminum drinking cups... we still had them as I was growing up, but not my dad. I'm glad I could look at those cups and think a fond memory of him that she shared with me.

annieQ said...

We drank from those aluminum glasses too. I especially liked the red one.

prof prem raj pushpakaran said...

Prof Prem raj Pushpakaran writes -- Let us celebrate National Potato Chip Day!!!