Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tragedy Quilt on Display

Tragedy on Esplanade by Ann Fahl
If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know how much I have struggled to create this memorial quilt. Click on the title above to read more about it. Finally it is hanging in a public place in Winona Lake IN. It will be there through April.  This is where you may view it:

It is hanging above a glass cabinet in the
Lobby of Winona Mercantile and Boathouse Restaurant
700 Park Ave.
Winona Lake, IN

Check ahead to see if they are open.Winona Lake is a small little town. But if you drive there, you can check out the artisan shops and have lunch at the Boathouse.  On the way out of town, turn left on Winona Ave. and drive a mile or so to Lowery Fabrics and Sewing Machine Shop. It's worth checking out!

Ann Fahl


msmaggie6 said...

Ann, it is a wonderful memorial and a beautiful quilt. I'm sure it's even more captivating in person. What a powerful way to remember the lives effected by this tragic event.

Rachel said...

What a tribute. It's a powerful statement of remembrance.