Sunday, May 22, 2011

The World's Most Expensive FREE Rose Bush!

As quilters, most of us can come up with creative solutions for problems that come up!

Two years ago,  my neighbor, gave me a start from her grandmother's rose bush. I've always admired the one in her yard, it is covered with white roses and it has grown to be a huge bush. This spring all the new canes on my bush, are loaded with new growth, and hopefully beautiful flowers! It really needs to be staked up!  But the sticks I found in the woods really aren't strong enough to hold it up.

But wait, my oldest son is a hockey player. They break sticks all the time. He uses composite sticks, expensive ones.  Now he has given me three of them. I sawed off the broken parts, and pounded them into the ground around the rose.  To hold everything up, I love using colorful strips of fabric or selvage edges to tie the canes and sticks together.

So what's so expensive?  The hockey sticks are worth $100 apiece when new!  If you know a hockey player, and you are a gardener, it's a great way to recycle.
Three sawed off hockey sticks plus one stick hold up Ann's new rose bush.

It's a great spring. My garden is going to be very colorful in a short time! I can hardly wait.


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