Monday, May 16, 2011

Everything about Trillium

Three Trillium a quilt by Ann Fahl, also a pattern
One of the first flowers that I chose to put in my quilts was the trillium.  I appliqued them, and painted them on batik panels by the number. I love looking at this simple three petaled flower close up. Many years passed by, years full of coneflowers and black eyed susan quilts.  Now the trillium is back. I'm sure you will see why!
Close up of Trillium in my garden.
Because of its simplicity, it is perfect for my threadwork.
Trillium in Technicolor a quilt by Ann Fahl

This quilt was a little different for me, because I used a soft pastel patchwork background. I like strong almost blasting color.  But this quilt was still fun to make.  I loved cutting away some of the double dyed black leaves to let the background peek through.  Also I developed a little trillium quilting design to fill the background.

Trillium in the Sun a quilt by Ann Fahl
What could be better than put this rich green and bright white subject on the color orange? From a distance I love this quilt. The color warms me when I look at it.
More trillium from my yard
And last of all is my newest trillium piece, which I introduced to you several posts ago.  This one is on a rich blue patchwork background. In this one, I got everything right. Finally I developed a unique little stitch to hold the flowers and leaves in place, which is large enough edge detail to hold the pieces in position. I teach this stitch in my applique class.
Spring Gift the newest quilt by Ann Fahl
My criteria for choosing a subject for my work is that the subject must be something that fascinates me or  I love or feel strongly about. If I'm lukewarm about the subject, the quilt will be too.  Choose something that you can wrap yourself around and totally commit too. Your quilt will be ever so much more successful.

Ann Fahl


Keep Stitchin' said...

So beautiful! I love them all! Sometimes the simplest looking of flowers really are the most amazing ones to look at! I have been enjoying the neighborhood daffodils for weeks now (yes, weeks! That is longer than usual for us)and I finally took a picture of some because I am always in awe of how perfect they look.
Love your thread work,it is stunning and inspiring!

Quilt or Dye said...

My trillium is in bloom. It is my first spring wild flower to bloom so I always look forward to see it. You did a wonderful job of portraying it in your work!