Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Not Easy to Give a Quilt Away

Today is a big day.  Just by looking at me you can't tell, but I donated a quilt to hang in our beautiful brand new Mount Pleasant Village Hall.

The quilt has been steamed and all cat hairs removed!

Several years ago, it was decided to sell the old property and build a new Village Hall at a new location. I thought about this for a long time before I investigated what needed to be done to give a large piece to hang in this new public space. December 2010, I talked to someone at the village hall about this request. In February 2011, the new building was far enough along that I could tour it as long as I wore a hard hat!  I saw everything; from the holding cells in the police department, the offices, restrooms, meeting rooms to the lunch rooms.  The village made an effort be be environmentally responsible by using energy saving and recycled products etc.when building.  The focal point of the building is a natural area on the back side of the building, so there is lots of glass!  In fact there is so much glass, there are precious few places to hang one of my big quilts!

At this point I gave my contact a list of 10 quilts from which to choose.  They narrowed the field to 5, so I took the 5 to the large meeting room to see which might work the best. By this time, there had been some personnel changes and my original contact was no longer working for the Village, there had also been an election so there was also a new village board. This is when I met Logan. We discussed each of the 5 options and in a short time decided on November Garden. The colors blended well with the soft gray or beige walls and with the gray/black carpeting made partially from recycled tires.

Here is the large wall, about 12 feet wide, between 2 huge north facing windows.
 Now it is June 2011, and the chosen quilt had to be officially accepted by the Village Trustees (the board.) It was presented, and I talked for a minute or two about the quilt and why I wanted to donate one.  The board swiftly voted to accept the quilt. I explained that I would hold the quilt, until a plexiglass box could be made, to protect it when hanging in the public space.

There was a 2-3 week delay in completing the box. Logan and I finally made a date, in July to hang the quilt in the large meeting room. The night before we were to hang it up, there was some discussion at the open board meeting about where the quilt was to be hung.  So there is yet another delay. I return to the wonderful new building and look at the alternative sites and found there were 3 that were acceptable to me.  An official decision was quickly made about the new spot in the community room which was large enough to hold 100 plus people. Many people would be able to enjoy the quilt here.
Here is Logan and Bob, the precision quilt hanging team!
 So here it is, today, August 1, the quilt is finally hanging. We experienced so many little glitches, I won't even mention them here!  The quilt was hung by Logan and Bob, with some assistance from me.  They were very particular about measuring the wall so the box and the quilt were perfectly centered!  One hour and 45 minutes later, the quilt was in its protective ventilated plexi box, and my long wait is over. November Garden looks wonderful. Time for celebration. Please take the time to hum Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary and join me in my celebration!
Here is the quilt, November Garden, 50 x 56 inches, in its new home in the village hall.
I do hope the residents of Mount Pleasant, and the Racine, WI area will enjoy my quilt, even if just for a moment.  You will find the quilt in the community room to the east of the large main doors.  The hours for the village hall are 8-12, and 1-5 Monday-Friday. The address is 8811 Campus Drive, Mt. Pleasant, WI which will not be found on your GPS.  From I94, turn east on hwy 20, turn north on 90th street at the cemetery.  You will find the building on the east side of the road, the corner of 90th and Campus.
Here is the recently completed Mt. Pleasant Village Hall--now complete with quilt!

You may read more about the details of the quilt itself on my website.  I am so pleased that this very special quilt has a new home. My thanks to everyone that helped with this quilt donation project.  Thanks Logan.

Ann Fahl


Quilt or Dye said...

Really lovely quilt! The town is fortunate!

Rachel said...

The quilt looks fabulous. I agree, the town is lucky to have such a generous donation from a world-class quilt artist. Nice, Ann.

Marti said...

You and Ellen Anne Eddy pretty much inspired me and my love for free motion stitching. I remember practicing all your lessons in your first book faithfully, over and over again. Thank you. This quilt is striking and I can send you my address for your next donation. :) A big fan, Marti in Maine

beth said...

It's a wonderful quilt and I'm happy it will be enjoyed by so many!