Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Great New Book

Joen Wolfrom recently published a new book. And it is a great one!  The title is Adventures in Design published by C & T.  Available as an e-book too.

When I am teaching a multiple day workshop that involves design, I am frequently asked how a person can learn about color and design.  I have never had a good answer for them until now. The answer is this book, it is in full color 140 pages, that's a lot! and 150 quilts. It is a real delight to just flip through the book to see all the pictures, she has included artists from all over the world, and I'm on page 119. She also includes luscious photos of all kinds of things, the colors of the closeups of flowers are unbelievable.

She goes through the design elements, one by one: line, direction, shape, color, value, texture, proportion and scale.  Before you tune out, she explains everything in a very interesting understandable manner and illustrates with quilts.

Next are the principles of design: balance and focus are the important ones for me; then she covers unity repetition; rhythm etc. She makes these rather boring principles visually exciting, and you will "get it."

This is a book to keep in your sewing area, or near your reading chair for years to come.  Study it a little now, try some of her hints and ideas; and then return to it again and again.  You will learn something new each time.

Give it a try!

Ann Fahl

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Marié du Toit said...

Thanks for the review. It is good to have a recommendation on a book before one buy.