Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Piecing with a Titanium Topstitch Needle

All this business began with a booklet I am writing called: Mastering Metallics.  I have had trouble quilting with metallic threads for years.  I like to think of myself as a thread expert, I wrote two books on the subject.  But I'm coming clean, right here and now; quilting with metallics has been my downfall!

Thankfully the problems have been solved, after hours and hours of trial, error, tears, and emailing other experts on quilting and thread.  The booklet is almost ready to be published, it has a great cover!  Anyhow, I'm kind of off topic.

The other day the e-newsletter came from and it featured a video with Bob from Superior Threads, talking about "using the correct needle."  So I watched it, thinking I might find some new information of interest for my booklet. Well, I did.
Size 70/10 Titanium Coated Topstitch Needles
Just in passing Bob mentioned that the size 70/10 titanium topstitch needle could be used in piecing. I'm the lazy type, and if I have to do just a little piecing, I'll use what is in the machine. That's usually a 80/12 topstitch needle. But I don't like the larger holes that it creates when I'm sewing a seam.  But like I said, I'm lazy.

I sell these needles when I'm on the road, and I have a pack of the 70/10 size sitting near my machine. Oh yes, they piece beautifully. They have a longer eye, which gives the thread plenty of space to move around while the stitch is being created. Because the eye isn't too big, it doesn't make that big hole on either end of the stitch. Wow, what an eye opener. I now promise, with right hand raised, to "always change the needle to a topstitch 70/10 when I sew a seam or piece." 

In this picture, Ann is piecing with a new 70/10 titanium topstitch needle.  This picture just proves that you should always look in the mirror and comb your hair before taking a picture of yourself sewing!
 OK, now raise your right hand, say it with me:  "I promise to always change the needle to a topstitch 70/10 when I sew a seam or piece."  You will learn that the titanium needles last much longer, so you will actually save money on needles when you do this! This will make your world a better place.

It goes to show you that one never knows when some little piece of news will change the way you do things.

Have a great day.


3 comments: said...

Just today I got a thank you note from a fellow guild friend and it included a 70/10 pack of needles! How fortuitous to read this article today! Now I know they will be a great tool to add to my arsenol!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I was happy to hear you do not change your needles either. I do not do much piecing as well so I guess now I will definitely change the needle.

I look forward to your new booklet.
I don't use metallic thread unless I have to in order to accomplish the right effect because of those issues of breakage mainly. To find a solution would be heavenly.

Barbara Harms said...

Ann as usual great information, do you carry the needles on your web site?
I am so excited to hear you're coming out with a booklet on metallic threads. They are a challenge. I use them a lot on my art quilts, and they are touchjy touchy. The needles, tention and brand as well as speed of sewing and on and on. Beautiful results but so much fiddling and adjusting it's time consuming. Can't wait to hear you're conclusions.