Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a Glamorous Life

Recently I got back from a teaching trip in Monterey CA. They treated me very well there, and I had an enjoyable time. The students were amazing, I am proud of the work they accomplished in the 2 day workshop.  There were two highlights for me personally; I stayed with Dave and Sally who were wonderful hosts, they had a magnificent garden. Two, I took a beautiful drive down the Pacific coast on Hwy 1.  Rita and Stan were my tour guides. Here are some of the highlights.
Shore view with natural archway, it was a beautiful day.

Looking in the other direction the mist creates a mysterious view of the mountains in the distance

A hillside view of the succulent garden at the home of my hosts.  What a rich assortment of plantlife I rarely see in WI

This garden had multiple levels, these stairs lead to a view of a small canyon behind the house.

Upon my return home, a combination of events occurred and I decided to paint my studio. This is a job that is long overdue. I ripped off the dark paneling, patched, scraped and primed and textured the walls. There is probably about a week's worth of work remaining. Sometimes it is good to take time off from quilting designing and blogging. I'll get back to those things. This is just another part of my glamorous life as a quilt artist and teacher.
Here is the artist disguised as a house painter!
 Here I am dressed for a day of painting and patching, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Ann Fahl

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