Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Front Porch--My Journal of Terror

January 9, 2012

To think, this morning I didn't have any idea of what to blog about! Things have changed.
Fall Fun
The drama begins............

My complete show from the La Conner Museum, was to arrive this morning, in 8 boxes.  I waited all day, and no quilts.  So at 5:30 pm, I tracked one of them and found that they were left on a front porch at house with the same number, but on the wrong street.  Terror almost stopped my heart. I tracked the remaining 7 boxes, and they were all delivered to the same incorrect address.
Hairy Homage
 I called UPS, and they found that they did indeed deliver them to the wrong address. By this time my voice was shaky.  Candace  was very calm and said she would work on this right away, and someone would call me back within the hour. In the meantime, I got in my car, drove several blocks away, and looked at everyone's front porches, but  it's 8 hours later, and it is dark outside. I talked to several people that were walking dogs and one lady that gets lots of deliveries, but no one knew anything about my 8 boxes.
In the Black Eyed Susans
 All I can think is that my body of work is sitting on somebody's front porch.  Would it be stolen?  Where was it? Thank goodness it didn't rain or snow.

As I pulled into my driveway from my personal search, my husband was standing at the front door talking on the phone.  This time it was Glen at my local UPS delivery hub.  He told me they had already picked up the packages, and would be delivered the next day. I didn't really believe him, as I had found there was no such address over on the incorrect street.
Coneflower Fiesta, my featured quilt at the exhibit
Glen called back a few minutes later and said my shipment had arrived and had already been loaded onto the truck that would deliver the boxes tomorrow, hopefully to my address. He had spoken with the driver that had picked up and returned the boxes to their depot.  So, all I can do now, is relax and hope for the best. Did I say "rest?"  
End of the Day
 It's going to be a long night until the quilts arrive.  Keep your fingers crossed.

January 20, 2012

I didn't sleep too badly last night.  I've tracked my packages, some say they've been delivered, some say they are back on a truck for delivery, so I trust what Glen said last night, that the packages will be redelivered. I've planned my activities for the morning, so that I will be able to hear the doorbell ring when that wonderful UPS man arrives!

I'm cutting several hanging rods for my show that opens at the Anderson Art Center on Jan 29.  As I drill the last hole in the end of the last rod I hear the door bell ring.

The drama concludes.........

It's 8:36 am the UPS man has delivered the 8 long boxes.  I am so relieved.  I have learned several things from this "opportunity for learning."  I will share those with you next time.

Ann Fahl



Susan Schaller said...

WOW! You were really lucky! In our neighborhood which is in the best part of Dayton, thieves have been following UPS and FEDEX scooping up the packages from the porches. I presume you had specified an authorization signature was required at delivery!!

Anne-Marie B. said...


What a bad experience you had with UPS. I try to stay away from them as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why:

I wonder if they asked for a signature!

Rachel said...

I almost started shaking reading about your harrowing misadventure. Thankfully all is well, but what a gut wrencher. Waiting to hear your lessons learned. Whew!!! said...

Oh, my stomach was doing flip flops. . .I'm so glad all your boxes were delivered without a further mishap. WHEW!!!!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am nervous when waiting for one to be returned much less this many. I feel your pain! Thank goodness it was a good ending. Waiting to see what you learned!