Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoy a Quilt Every Day!

Do you have a personalized Google page?  I have a gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page, that shows you a different quilt each day.  The quilt that pops up today is my Egyptian Water Garden II.
Egyptian Water Garden II, quilt by Ann Fahl
This is one of my favorite quilts.  The quilts appear in random patterns so you can't predict what quilt will be shown next.  If you keep the gadget long enough you will be able to see almost every quilt I have ever made.

You need to sign up for an iGoogle page, click on "add gadgets" icon, and type in "art quilt of the day."  Click on the "add it now" button, and a quilt will appear.  This is a little visual treat for each day. Have fun with it.

Hope to see you at Paducah.  I will have copies of my Metallic booklet and my Black and White Tale with me, so you can see them first hand. Come up and introduce yourself.

Ann Fahl

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