Friday, November 8, 2013

Restoring the White Background fabric

Close up of one of the simple feathered circles in the alternating blocks.

We've pretty much discussed everything about the tulip blocks.  As I've been working on them, I've noticed areas in the white fabric that will need some attention:
  • There are some small holes or splits
  • There are places where the hand quilting needs to be filled in.
  • Soiled areas.
My friend Linda gave me a great tip on how to handle the background repairs; and that is to lay it out on a table or floor and mark all the places that need attention with a safety pin or a loop of colored thread. Do this on the front and the back side.

Now as I work on appliqueing the blocks when I see those little places I will mark them as I go along.

Still Quilting.


1 comment:

Robbie said...

Great tip!! Interesting to see your process on this piece! So great to see old work being restored for the future!