Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Treat

Trillium in the Sun, quilt by Ann Fahl, 43 x 43 inches
 This weekend I was going to treat myself to a gardening weekend.  This means no household stuff, no family history research, just playing outside in the dirt!  All winter I look forward to this time of year and now it's here.

It turned cold last night, a new front came through and it rained all night.  There will be no gardening today while the temperature is in the 40s.

The good news is that the trillium are blooming and they are wonderful. My woods is full of these lovely white flowers. When this happens I try and design another trillium piece in my head.

Ann Fahl


Barb H said...

I love the trilliums! Here in the north, we see them everywhere in the woods. You captured them perfectly in your quilted piece.

Web developer said...

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Magdalena said...

Do you see red trillium?. We do in the north. But just one or two in a large forest clearing with hundreds of white ones. Are they protected where you live? They are inNY. Don't live in the north anymore and I miss them.

Perangsang Wanita said...

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