Thursday, January 14, 2016

A New Pair of Quilting Gloves

It has been a long time since posting a blog, and even a longer time since I've done any quilting. I have quilted since 1978 when I took that first quilting class from Nancy Simonsen. At the end of 2012, I retired from the travel part of quilting. It was killing me and I wanted to do other things!

But I haven't quilted for more than 2 years.  My husband got sick, and took my attention away from everything, except making sure he got good care.

I finished a huge family history project 2 weeks ago; a birthday present for my aunt. The last several months, it took every second I had. I started early each day, and worked into the evening, it
was hard to prepare for Christmas. While I was writing I kept thinking, it was time for me to work on a quilt, and decided that was going to be my reward, when the family history was shipped off to the "birthday girl."
Ann with the family history project, completed for her aunt.
After dropping off the book at the post office, I took the weekend off, then found a wall hanging that needed to be quilted.  I played for a day, on a sample to brush up my very rusty skills, chose the threads I'd like to use, put in a new needle, and found a new pair of quilting gloves.  The old ones were very heavily used! It was like getting on a bicycle that you hadn't ridden for years.  I just began.  Oh, it is so much fun.
My shiny new quilting gloves.

It feels good to be back.


Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Welcome back Ann! Looking forward to seeing your fiber art. I took a class from you in the mid90's, it was the best! Still love my project and think of you every time I see it. I'll have to post am hoto of it on FB.

Sidney Jostes said...

That's great Ann. Life does get in the way many times.
I'm watching an old episode
of The Quilt Show from 2007 with you in it.
I've been away from quilting for a long time...working full time
...caretaker to my, but want to go back to
quilting, too. My daughter is having twins in June..
a good reason to quilt..
and I want to create my love letter to Paris quilt...

I hope to see the beautiful quilts you will soon create.
Good luck. Sidney Jostes (former member of PAQA)

Patsy said...

Welcome back to the wonderfully soothing and stimulating world of quilting!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Ann. Good to see that you are still writing, gardening, and quilting.

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