Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big Blizzard, Quilts and Cat

The snow began falling yesterday morning. By late afternoon the wind whipped up and started to get scary. All night, snow was swirling around the house in every direction. The wind howled and whistled around the house, it was really creepy and difficult to sleep.  It has been a long time since we've had a storm like this in the SE corner of Wisconsin.

The deck on the back of the house, storm of 2011
Today I woke up to 23 inches of snow!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the snow. The drifting was amazing, one wouldn't know that there was a street out in front of the house, if you didn't already know it was there. There was a 3 or 4 foot drift across the middle of our driveway. The deck in back had huge mounds of snow on it. What a difference weather has made to this setting.

This is the same setting for one of my recent quilts, pictured in the month of July.
Summer Sanctuary a quilt by Ann Fahl 
I just love this quilt. Summer Sanctuary was inspired by another photo of the same setting, except there wasn't any snow! On this day it was so hot and humid, it was horribly uncomfortable. But that day the geraniums were blooming, huge and colorful on the bench in front of the chair.  My Coleus were beautiful and spilling over the pots. Making this quilt brought me to a new place in machine applique, and has changed the direction of my work. How could this even be the same place?

We were literally snowed in yesterday and today until 4:30 this afternoon; when a snow plow finally came up the street. Actually 2 very large double plowed trucks came and cleared the road. My husband and I found lots to do even though housebound.

I tackled the Library of Congress copyright application system. My new book is just about ready for the printer. So now A Black and White Tale has been submitted for an official LOC copyright. I took quite a bit of doing, filling out the form, and getting the pdf of the finished book in its completed form, and uploading the large file successfully, directly to LOC in Washington DC. Now I have an ISBN number and will soon have a copyright number; how exciting is this? Progress seems so slow, on the book. Each step brings us closer to publication.

What was Oreo the cat doing during all this excitement?
Oreo, relaxing in the family room during the blizzard of 2011

There was lots of snow blowing, shoveling and copyrighting today. It was an invigorating day for me. The cat's day however was much more relaxing.



Judy Warner said...

Oreo has the right idea!

Rachel said...

Summer Sanctuary gets my vote over 2011 Blizzard any day!