Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Really Old Chistmas Quilt

Christmas Jewels, (c) 1988, hand quilted, 67 x 81 inches
My best friend Linda and I met in 1983.  We were so much alike it was almost creepy.  She had 3 boys I had two.  She had oriental rugs in her house and so did I.  We even had the same set of family room furniture.  In about 1987, when all the boys were still young, Linda and I took an afternoon to go to a quilt shop and pick out 5 fabrics to use in a quilt.  Here are the rules:
  • The blocks had to be 12 inches
  • The five fabrics had to be used, but we could add several more light colored fabrics
  • She was to choose 6 blocks and I did too
  • We were to exchange a block every month or two
  • This was secret, we could not share with each other anything about the quilt until each of our quilt tops were finished.
There were no guidelines as to how the blocks were to be put together.  Because we had so much in common we figured out that the tops would look almost alike when finished!  It took quite a bit of time, but the day came for the unveiling of the new tops.  Mine was set in this dark red and green Gutcheon print with the blocks on point; and Linda's was set on "square" with blocks and sashing in a light colored fabric.  You really have to study the two quilts to realize the similarities.

While at coffee, Linda mentioned this year, that she always hangs "our" quilt up at Christmas in her entryway. So I decided to dig mine out too.  It is such a joy to have such a friendly treasure!

Both quilts were pictured in two different Quilting magazines  Quilter's Newsletter Dec 93, and Quilt World 1997.  If you have some archives at home, you might find these!

Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Ann Fahl

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Alexandra said...

Merry Christmas! Wonderful friendship quilt.